Truffle Honey Recipe

Truffle Honey

Truffle Honey is the sweetest treat that can be added to a multitude of dishes. Here are a few of our favorite truffle honey uses: popcorn, grilled cheese, drizzled on yogurt, mixed with nuts, or even on fried chicken! Best of all, here is how to make truffle honey along with a simple recipe – it only takes 3 ingredients: honey, truffle essence, and a small amount of truffles.

At we sell white and black truffle essence to flavor your honey.

Truffle Honey Recipe



    • 1 quart honey


    • 2 ml white or black truffle essence


    • ½ tablespoon fresh, dried or canned truffles


Instructions: Using the syringe that comes with your order, measure out 1ml truffle essence and add it to the 1 qt of honey. Stir until well combined. Using a spoon or spatula mix in the chopped truffles. Mix this part by hand and slowly so as not to crush the truffles. Finally, let it sit overnight for the flavors and aroma to become distributed evenly through the honey.