5 Great Truffle Oil Recipes

Truffle Oil Recipes

5 Truffle Oil Recipes You Didn’t Know You Were Missing Out On

Your search for truffle oil recipes can stop here!  Truffle oil, with its distinct flavors and aroma is something to be craved all on its own. While we know that truffle oil goes well on dishes such as french fries, steaks and beef carpaccio because those are the mainstream restaurant uses for this beautifully flavored oil  (or because you learned about it in our last blog!)…what if I told you, you have been missing out on an entire secret menu of truffle oil uses? It’s ok I am drooling too.

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The Truffle Burger

Speaking of “Secret Menu” there is no better pair than a white truffle oil drizzled over a game day burger. Just picture it; A juicy grass fed burger, wedged in-between a brioche bun, topped with all of your favorite accoutrement, melting havarti cheese, garnished with Arugula and…TRUFFLE OIL. If you are tired of the same old burg and dance…This hidden gem is for you; Hold the secret sauce and go for the secret oil instead.


Prosciutto Everything

While we know all too well that the flavor of truffle oil pairs well with Mr. carpaccio, you have been missing out on Mrs. Proscuitto all this time. With its smoky, pull apart, melt in your mouth amazingness, proscuitto brings a salty satisfaction that can only be made better by the sweet complexity of, you guessed it, Truffle Oil.

Try it on your next charcuterie board or make “prosciutto purses” stuffed with mascarpone cheese, white truffle oil drizzle and a chive ribbon, to tie each basket of delicious together… and really impress your dinner guests.


Baked Truffle Brie, Oh Me, Oh My

You may have heard of, or even tried baked brie at some point in your life. The usual brie, while delicious, is warmed and then topped with tart fruit  jams and nuts to add complexity. But what you haven’t had, is THIS baked Brie. We are going full on recipe for this bad boy.


One sheet of puff pastry dough, thawed for 30-40 minutes

½ wheel of Brie cheese

¼ cup dried cranberries

2 Tbs. Brown Sugar

Your choice of Truffle Oil Aroma


To create this super secret brie:

Take the puff pastry dough and place folded out, on a metal baking pan. Sprinkle brown sugar over puff pastry. Place ½ wheel of brie cheese on center of puff pastry, then add dried cranberries evenly over brie. Drizzle generous amount of truffle oil over brie, before gathering puff pastry at all corners to make a basket, completely covering the brie and other ingredients. Bake at 375° until golden brown, and voila!  Easiest recipe in the world? YES. Most delicious recipe in the world? PRETTY SURE.


Truffle, Tornado Potato

Like I have previously mentioned, truffle oil and potatoes go together like peas and carrots. Bacon and eggs, Angelina and Brad tornado and potato…yeah, I said it.

If you haven’t already experienced this viral potato sensation, you are in fact, missing out. A tornado potato is easy as pie (mmm pie).

To create this work of crispy art; Cut one end of the potato and put the cut side on a cutting board. Insert a skewer into the potato and gently push the skewer all the way through it. Hold a sharp thin knife at an angle and cut in the opposite direction you are turning the skewered potato. (Think, spinning the skewer like a tornado, but much slower for your personal safety).

Brush the potato skewer with your favorite Truffle Aroma, sprinkle with seasonings and parmesan cheese and bake at 375°-400°, until a crispy golden brown.

Word of advice, make more than one… they disappear a lot more quickly than an actual tornado and an added bonus they leave behind half the mess.


The Truffled Brussel

For those of you who are more inclined to eat green and less inclined to like your steak still moo-ing (like I do) this super trufflicious secret is for you, and it only takes one word to let that secret out.


Brussel sprouts, can be a bitter and twisted little green, but not if you do it right…and by do right, I mean blanche, throw some truffle oil on them, season, broil and be amazed. It is really that simple.

For those of you that want to kick it up a notch and add a little carnivorous touch, add some cooked and chopped bacon and a few slivered almonds into the mix and you are a culinary genius, at least in my book.


Insta-Truffle, Facebook Fry & Twittered Tornado Potato

 So you had a peek into the secret menu of truffle oil recipes. What will you do with this inspired knowledge? Solve world hunger? Reach the tallest mountain of the alps? Take a long nap?

While all that sounds delightful and extremely ambitious of you, my hope is you are going to  grab your favorite Truffle Aroma Oil, cook these secrets up and do what any civil and normal citizen of the world would do this day in age…Take a perfectly poised picture of your culinary creation and share it on all social media platforms…of course.

Ok, well we expect you to take a bite first because I don’t think you will be able to resist, but when you do, make sure to share your favorite truffle oil recipes with us so we can see which ones you love the most! #secretmenuoftruffles